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CADify - CAD Services Pricing and Quotations

Drawing production pricing and quotation options.

Pricing options Pricing Options:

Prices will vary with what you need. We can provide a fixed cost price or hourly rates. Hourly rates will suit projects were the work is likely to update/change regularly

Fixed prices Fixed prices

To receive a fixed price quotation we will need to see the sketches/materials up front, and have time to go through them to produce a realistic cost breakdown for you. All prices are fixed for one month.

You will be fully informed of the time scales required to produce the CAD drawings when you receive the quotation.

If the quote is successful, materials will be returned with the completed works.

If a quote is unsuccessful, all materials will be immediately returned to client.

Hourly rates Hourly Rates

Hourly rates can be a cost effective option for smaller projects were regular, multiple changes are envisioned. You would only be charged for time actually worked on your projects with a minimum 1 hour charge. Rates will be based on current industry contract rates at the time of quoting.

Deliverables Deliverables

Clients will be emailed PDF files for checking as the work is progressed/completed.

Completed CAD drawing files and client supplied materials will be made available/returned to the client on payment of final invoice.

Completed CAD drawing files will be either emailed, copied to CD ROM and posted, or, can be downloaded directly from our website via the exclusive client area. Login information will be supplied upon request.

We hope you find the above fair and reasonable, and we look forward to working with you.

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